Sunday, September 25, 2016

Smart and Strong

The other day as we were getting 
ready to go out on an adventure,
I happened to put this shirt on L.
It's the first time she's warn it.
It says, 
"Smart and Strong like my mom"
When my mom first bought it
for her I thought it was fun.
This week I really started 
thinking about what I want
her to see in my smarts and my strength.

I realized this is a list not just
for her, but for me as well.
I want to continue to be 
the mom she needs to help
her grow strong and wise
and a righteous daughter of God

Smart and Strong

Smart enough to solve problems.
Strong enough to share your solutions.

Smart enough to know when to listen
to your heart.
Strong enough to follow your heart
even when you are scared.

Smart enough to know what's right.
Strong enough to do what's right
even if you're the only one.

Smart enough to know you made a mistake.
Strong enough to admit to and fix
your mistake.

Being smart isn't about how much you know.
It's how you use what you know.
Use it to build God's kingdom
and serve others.
Be smart and learn everything you can.
Learn all you can at school.
Learn all you can from your grandparents.
Learn all you can from your parents.
Learn all you can from all those around you.
We are all connected.
We are all brothers and sisters!
We can always learn something
from another person.

Strength doesn't mean you don't need help.
It's admitting that you do
and asking for it.
It's sticking up for others.
Asking for help.
Being vulnerable in you relationships.
Trusting in God,
Trusting yourself.
Having unshakable faith.
Pressing forward with
a steadfastness in Christ.
Loving God.
Loving others.
Loving yourself.
Embracing the bad days
and rejoicing in the good days.
Relying wholly on the Lord.
Recognizing the tender mercies 
and Grace of the Lord.
Expressing gratitude.
Especially in the small moments.
Make covenants with the Lord.
Be a covenant keeping woman.
Keep the covenants you have
and will make throughout your life.
This will help you find strength
beyond your own..

Be strong enough to sit in the
hard times and seasons
and trust in God's plan.
Pray for His help.
He will lead you.
Let other's help you.
God's greatest miracles
don't usually come from
angels and booming voices.
They come from soft whispers,
a smile, a sincere compliment.
They often come in the form of
other people, who are listening to 
the Spirit.
Be strong enough to see these
angels in your life.
Be an angel in other people's lives.

Don't listen to the world's description
of smart and strong.
Pray and read the words of God.
Listen and watch for his messages for you.
True wisdom and strength only come through Him!
Rely on Him for the strength and wisdom you need!
Stay close to the Spirit and you will
uncover strength with Christ
that you never thought you 
were capable of having!