Tuesday, October 3, 2017

He Walks with Me

The past few months
I've been struggling with
depression and anxiety.
I've cried out in prayer for solace
and been given some amazing
experiences to remind me
to trust in God and to find
answers in the scriptures.

One scripture that has touched me
is the story of Peter walking on water.
Peter follows the Savior's invitation to "Come."
He walks on water towards Christ,
but then looks around and sees the
boisterous wind.
He gets scared and starts to sink.
He cries out to the Lord.
"And immediately Jesus stretched forth
his hand, and caught him, and
said unto him, O thou of little faith,
wherefore didst thou doubt?"
The next verse is my favorite part of this story!
"And when they were come into the ship,
the wind ceased."

The Lord DOESN'T stop the boisterous wind from blowing.
It kept blowing until AFTER they got to the ship!
The Lord DOES walk with Peter back to the ship.

This story has become a reality in my life.
I started doubting my worth and my purpose.
I was drowning in doubt, depression and anxiety.
I cried out asking the Lord to save me.
He stretched forth his hand that very moment
and gave me what I needed to walk again.
He didn't stop my storm.
I still am struggling with depression and anxiety,
but he has been walking with me.
He has been talking to me.
He has been leading me to the people
and things that I have needed to
build my faith in this season of my life.
I know He will continue to walk with
me through this storm!
He is my strength.
He is full of Grace!
He is the Only Way to find
lasting peace and happiness
even in the storms of life!

Monday, June 26, 2017


Isaiah 42:16
"And I will bring the blind by the way that they knew not; I will lead them to paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them."

I love this scripture because it is a good reminder 
that no matter where we are in life,
the Lord is leading us.
The last few weeks have been rough for me
for various reasons, and it's nice to know
that He'll lead me in the way I should go. 
Even if I don't know why I'm struggling,
it's part of my path and my growth. 

A month or so ago I got invited to be
 a member of Lara Casey's launch team 
for her new book
If you don't know being on a launch team
means that you get a copy of the book(usually and ebook),
and then you read it and spread the word about it to those you know.
Having read her first book, I was very excited to dig in to this one.
Life has a funny way of filling up when I'd rather spend my time
reading a book, so I didn't read it as quickly as I liked.
BUT little by little progress is still progress.
I finally finished it a week ago!
It is a well written book that is just 
like sitting down with Lara and having a conversation.
Her words of wisdom have blessed my life.
Heavenly Father has answered some prayers through
 the words in this book.

One of my favorite chapters was about embracing our season of life. 
I came across this gem and it hit me hard:

"Maybe you're in a season of transition, grief, conflict, illness, unanswered prayers, new challenges, or just trying to get by. Maybe you can't imagine how this particular season could be a blessing in disguise. I have a not-so-secret secret to share with you. Do you remember where seeds begin to sprout? In the dirt.  We dismiss the dirt and the mess as bad, trying to keep it off our hands and out of our homes. But dirt hods a certain magic, cradling new life. Your past mistakes, your heartache, your circumstances, and the tension you feel right now in your season--every bit of it is part of your growing ground" (pg. 49).

When I think back on the journey I've had the last six years,
I am amazed at how all the hard things have become 
the nourishing soil that as helped me to stretch and
grow and become this woman Heavenly Father 
created me to be.
Sometimes when we're in the thick of it,
it seems impossible that any good will
come out of it in the end,
but I have found in my life
that it all comes together to
help me learn and grow.

The quote above got me thinking about another
book I read called
"Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose
Through the Power of Words"
by Kevin Hall.
In it he talks about different words
and breaks down their roots to find their
meaning and he relates his experiences.
It's one of my favorite books.
One of the words he breaks down is Humility.
He says, The Origin of 'humility' is the
Latin word 'humus' meaning soil,
specifically rich, dark, organic soil.
When a see is planted in fertile soil,
it transforms into something far greater.
The acorn becomes the oak tree.
The smallest of seeds carefully planted
in the spring becomes the bounteous
harvest in the fall.
It all Starts with the nurturing quality of the soil--humus."

To get to the rich, dark, organic soil,
it has to be broken down to the basic
elements of the soil.
Sometimes when we are going through challenging times,
we may feel like we are being broken down.
And in a way we are.
We're being broken down so we
can have fertile ground to grow in.
It points us back to our faith in Jesus Christ.
If we didn't have these experiences we wouldn't grow
and become what He created us to be!

I'm so thankful for all the challenges
that have helped me find more humility
and in turn helped me to learn and grow.
I'm so grateful for where I am right now
in my wonderful beautiful life.
I spent so many years,
waiting and trying to have faith
that He was hearing my prayers.
And now I am living the life I always
asked for with an amazing husband and daughter.

There is so much more from Lara's book
that I could share with you,
but I'll leave it at this and let you
read it and discover what you
might need to hear to learn and
grow in your life!

Also, check out this quote from the book and this song.
The Lord loves us each individually!

"One by One" by Paul Cardall and David A Bednar

Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring Learnings

Here are some things I've learned this spring
that I've uncovered as I have been doing my summer 
refresh with my Powersheets!

1. Trust God's plan for my life.  It's always better than I could imagine.
2. I get to cultivate the JOY, not wait for it to happen.
3. Exercise is important!
4. I get to nourish myself so I can have what I need to help others.

Summer is here and I'm really excited!
I'm going to keep better track of
what I'm learning so I can
share more amazingness at the end.

What have you learned this spring?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What I Know For Sure

Today I opened my email inbox to find a newsletter from Emily P. Freeman.
She talked about how Oprah started thinking about what she knew for sure.
There was a day when Oprah was stressed and overwhelmed and 
had to write an article about what she knew for sure
for her magazine.
She wrote, " I'm feeling a little stressed and I know nothing."

I completely know how that feels!
So many times I think I know so much,
but then something shifts or changes
and I realize that I don't know much
"for sure".

There are two things that I know for sure:

1.  God is Love.
2. Change happens. All. The. Time.

Nine weeks ago I started a new 90 day goal
to treat my body like the temple it is.
I thought I knew for sure how to do it.
I've done it before.
This time.
This time has been very different.
I'm in a different season of life
than I was that first time six years ago.
I have a husband and a daughter and a house
to take care of each day.
I have two businesses and another I'm wanting to start.

So many days I feel stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed.
And I realize that I know nothing.
Nothing except that God is Love and change is always happening.

Emily finished her letter talking about how
the question "What do you know for sure?"
was a good one to consider because it
has intentionality built right in to it.
The "for sure" forces thoughtfulness.
She talks about how the things
she knew for sure when she was twenty
are different from the things she knows 
for sure at forty. 
We grow, life changes causing us
to shift and learn.
So instead of writing about what she knew for sure
she decided to keep a record of what she's learning.
I absolutely love that!

Those of you who know me, 
know that I love keeping a journal
about my experiences and what I'm learning
in this earth school we call life.
I haven't been as consistent in
writing in my journal since L was born.

I have just recently learned about bullet journaling.
I'm excited to give it a try and see how I feel about it.
I'll be making a list from this month about what 
I've learned and sharing it here!
Come back tomorrow night to see what 
I've learned in May!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Words Have Power--Joy

Words have been a love of mine
from a young age.
I love writing them,
reading them,
and collecting them.
They have inspired love
and kindness in me.
They have helped me
overcome fear and doubt.
They have helped me find
the strength I need to keep
pressing forward with faith.

As I've been reflecting this
new year on what to share 
here in this space,
I've been thinking about 
the power of words in my life.
I often struggle with the
negative, limiting words
that I think and say to myself.
In all the learning and growing
I've done in my life--
especially the last six years--
I've learned to replace those
limiting words and negative
thoughts and beliefs about myself
with positive words and beliefs.

It has been one of the biggest
ways (along with growing my faith)
that I have uncovered
strength to help make my life
more positive even--and especially--
when my life doesn't look
like I want it to look,
and I'm wading through
challenges and trials.

Words are a powerful force
in our lives.
Let's take a look
at powerful, life-giving words
together this year. 

To finish off this post,
I'd like to share with you my 
word for this current season
I'm in in my life.


Back in November
this word started popping
up everywhere I turned.
It called to me and helped
me look at my life,
and I realized that I hadn't
been doing much to 
cultivate joy in my life.
Last year started out 
really difficult for me,
and I feel like I spent a
good deal of time rising
up from what had happened.

I decided it was time
to work on cultivating
more joy in my life.
Now I'm not talking
about doing huge things
that would make me happy
(although I'm doing some
of those things).
And I'm not talking about
going out and buying things
that I think will bring me joy.

It's more of focusing on
and tending to 
all the little things that 
bring joy into my life.
Quiet conversations.
Playing with my daughter.
My family laughing together.
Finding life-giving words in
my scripture study.
Learning more of my Savior.
Growing my faith.
Time with friends.
Playing the piano.
Going on little
adventures with
my husband and daughter.

That's what I'm working on
in this season of my life.
It hasn't happened all at once.
I've still had days where I 
haven't done much,
but it is in the little
by little progress
that is slowly adding up
to filling my home and my life
with life-giving joy.

I've done a lot of studying
in scriptures and talks,
looking for words
and goodness to help
me in my journey of
cultivating joy.
You can read one of my
favorite talks here.
It basically takes
most of the things I've
learned in my studying 
and summarizes it into
an amazing talk
where I found some
key points
in finding and cultivating
joy in my life. 
Here are some of them:
-remember the nature and purpose of our lives is to have joy
-Jesus Christ is JOY!
-look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith
-give thanks
-keep covenants made
-nurture and guide our children
-nurture and encourage our spouse

There is even more golden
nuggets in this talk.
I highly suggest you read it!
One last quote that I love,
"Joy is powerful,
and focusing on joy
brings God's power
into our lives."
Oh how I would love
to have more of
God's power in my life!

Sometimes looking for the
joy in the trials and challenges
feels hard, but the truth is
that it's always there,
we just get to change our
perspective and see it!

*Just a little side note here. I've recently started 
working on something that brings me
joy, hand lettering! I'm excited to use
this new joy to share words with you.
Both here on the blog and on my
Instagram account.
Follow me at @uncoveringstrength
for more life-giving words!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goal Setting Part 3

Today's steps for goal setting
are important, but I just
have to say that I always
have to remind myself 
not to get too hung up on them.
You'll see why:0)

Step 4

What is one thing I want to cultivate in the year ahead?

So I have had this answer since around Thanksgiving.
I want to cultivate JOY this year.
Last year was trying for me,
and I spent a good part of the year
just surviving and the other part
of the year trying to rise
up out of the darkness
I had found myself in.

I've done a lot of research
that I'll share in another post,
but JOY for me also has
to do with the connections
I have with other people.
So I also want to cultivate connections
with my husband, my daughter,
my family and my friends.

Step 5
Here's where I get to remember not 
to get hung up. 
It's okay to stop and 
feel the yucky feelings.
We need to feel those things,
but don't pack a bag and stay there.

I am an imperfect person.
I firmly believe that all the
hard things that happen to us
and all the mistakes we make
are learning opportunities.
(Wow, I needed that reminder today!)

What are the challenges you experienced in 2016?

-Depression. I only recently started to talk about this,
but the beginning of 2016 was full of this.
-I stressed out about my husband's job.
-I spent too much time watching TV and
being on my phone and social media.
-I didn't treat my body as the temple it is.

What lessons did you learn from the challenges?

Here are some lessons I've learned:

Now that I'm past all those challenges
I have been able to see the blessings in them.
God is good.
He has blessed me with
the strength I needed
through His Son,
My Savior.
How grateful I am!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Goal Setting Part 2

The last couple of weeks
I've been trying to 
work on finding a balance
that works better for my body
and working on my goals, 
so writing hasn't been a
recent priority for me,
but I'm back and ready to
share more of my goal setting.

Remember you can find more
tips and examples here
To read the first part of
my goal setting click here.

Step 3

 What good things happened in 2016?

When people think about writing goals,
they usually think about the future,
but I've found that looking back 
can help me uncover goals 
that are more meaningful to me.

Here are three good things from my 2016:

-I'm alive! Read that story here
-Starting Uncovering Strength and finishing my first 100 Day Project
-Being invited to Limitless

What lessons did you learn from the good things?

The number one thing that I learned/remembered again this last year is that Christ is the only way to find the strength I need. I can try all I want to do it myself (and I have), but in the end even my very best isn't enough.  I learned to trust in the Lord and rely on His goodness, His grace, His mercy. I learned that I am needed.  I have a message that He needs me to share. The Word of God is so important to study every day. It gave me strength. It gave me peace. It gave me answers. I get to trust myself to find the answers that I need. It was a year full of learning and remember to whom I should turn not just in my darkest hours, but always. He is the only way I found the strength to do all I did.

That's all I've got for tonight.
Until next time!