Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Goal Setting Part 2

The last couple of weeks
I've been trying to 
work on finding a balance
that works better for my body
and working on my goals, 
so writing hasn't been a
recent priority for me,
but I'm back and ready to
share more of my goal setting.

Remember you can find more
tips and examples here
To read the first part of
my goal setting click here.

Step 3

 What good things happened in 2016?

When people think about writing goals,
they usually think about the future,
but I've found that looking back 
can help me uncover goals 
that are more meaningful to me.

Here are three good things from my 2016:

-I'm alive! Read that story here
-Starting Uncovering Strength and finishing my first 100 Day Project
-Being invited to Limitless

What lessons did you learn from the good things?

The number one thing that I learned/remembered again this last year is that Christ is the only way to find the strength I need. I can try all I want to do it myself (and I have), but in the end even my very best isn't enough.  I learned to trust in the Lord and rely on His goodness, His grace, His mercy. I learned that I am needed.  I have a message that He needs me to share. The Word of God is so important to study every day. It gave me strength. It gave me peace. It gave me answers. I get to trust myself to find the answers that I need. It was a year full of learning and remember to whom I should turn not just in my darkest hours, but always. He is the only way I found the strength to do all I did.

That's all I've got for tonight.
Until next time!

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