Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goal Setting Part 3

Today's steps for goal setting
are important, but I just
have to say that I always
have to remind myself 
not to get too hung up on them.
You'll see why:0)

Step 4

What is one thing I want to cultivate in the year ahead?

So I have had this answer since around Thanksgiving.
I want to cultivate JOY this year.
Last year was trying for me,
and I spent a good part of the year
just surviving and the other part
of the year trying to rise
up out of the darkness
I had found myself in.

I've done a lot of research
that I'll share in another post,
but JOY for me also has
to do with the connections
I have with other people.
So I also want to cultivate connections
with my husband, my daughter,
my family and my friends.

Step 5
Here's where I get to remember not 
to get hung up. 
It's okay to stop and 
feel the yucky feelings.
We need to feel those things,
but don't pack a bag and stay there.

I am an imperfect person.
I firmly believe that all the
hard things that happen to us
and all the mistakes we make
are learning opportunities.
(Wow, I needed that reminder today!)

What are the challenges you experienced in 2016?

-Depression. I only recently started to talk about this,
but the beginning of 2016 was full of this.
-I stressed out about my husband's job.
-I spent too much time watching TV and
being on my phone and social media.
-I didn't treat my body as the temple it is.

What lessons did you learn from the challenges?

Here are some lessons I've learned:

Now that I'm past all those challenges
I have been able to see the blessings in them.
God is good.
He has blessed me with
the strength I needed
through His Son,
My Savior.
How grateful I am!

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