Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What I Know For Sure

Today I opened my email inbox to find a newsletter from Emily P. Freeman.
She talked about how Oprah started thinking about what she knew for sure.
There was a day when Oprah was stressed and overwhelmed and 
had to write an article about what she knew for sure
for her magazine.
She wrote, " I'm feeling a little stressed and I know nothing."

I completely know how that feels!
So many times I think I know so much,
but then something shifts or changes
and I realize that I don't know much
"for sure".

There are two things that I know for sure:

1.  God is Love.
2. Change happens. All. The. Time.

Nine weeks ago I started a new 90 day goal
to treat my body like the temple it is.
I thought I knew for sure how to do it.
I've done it before.
This time.
This time has been very different.
I'm in a different season of life
than I was that first time six years ago.
I have a husband and a daughter and a house
to take care of each day.
I have two businesses and another I'm wanting to start.

So many days I feel stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed.
And I realize that I know nothing.
Nothing except that God is Love and change is always happening.

Emily finished her letter talking about how
the question "What do you know for sure?"
was a good one to consider because it
has intentionality built right in to it.
The "for sure" forces thoughtfulness.
She talks about how the things
she knew for sure when she was twenty
are different from the things she knows 
for sure at forty. 
We grow, life changes causing us
to shift and learn.
So instead of writing about what she knew for sure
she decided to keep a record of what she's learning.
I absolutely love that!

Those of you who know me, 
know that I love keeping a journal
about my experiences and what I'm learning
in this earth school we call life.
I haven't been as consistent in
writing in my journal since L was born.

I have just recently learned about bullet journaling.
I'm excited to give it a try and see how I feel about it.
I'll be making a list from this month about what 
I've learned and sharing it here!
Come back tomorrow night to see what 
I've learned in May!

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