Friday, February 17, 2017

Words Have Power--Joy

Words have been a love of mine
from a young age.
I love writing them,
reading them,
and collecting them.
They have inspired love
and kindness in me.
They have helped me
overcome fear and doubt.
They have helped me find
the strength I need to keep
pressing forward with faith.

As I've been reflecting this
new year on what to share 
here in this space,
I've been thinking about 
the power of words in my life.
I often struggle with the
negative, limiting words
that I think and say to myself.
In all the learning and growing
I've done in my life--
especially the last six years--
I've learned to replace those
limiting words and negative
thoughts and beliefs about myself
with positive words and beliefs.

It has been one of the biggest
ways (along with growing my faith)
that I have uncovered
strength to help make my life
more positive even--and especially--
when my life doesn't look
like I want it to look,
and I'm wading through
challenges and trials.

Words are a powerful force
in our lives.
Let's take a look
at powerful, life-giving words
together this year. 

To finish off this post,
I'd like to share with you my 
word for this current season
I'm in in my life.


Back in November
this word started popping
up everywhere I turned.
It called to me and helped
me look at my life,
and I realized that I hadn't
been doing much to 
cultivate joy in my life.
Last year started out 
really difficult for me,
and I feel like I spent a
good deal of time rising
up from what had happened.

I decided it was time
to work on cultivating
more joy in my life.
Now I'm not talking
about doing huge things
that would make me happy
(although I'm doing some
of those things).
And I'm not talking about
going out and buying things
that I think will bring me joy.

It's more of focusing on
and tending to 
all the little things that 
bring joy into my life.
Quiet conversations.
Playing with my daughter.
My family laughing together.
Finding life-giving words in
my scripture study.
Learning more of my Savior.
Growing my faith.
Time with friends.
Playing the piano.
Going on little
adventures with
my husband and daughter.

That's what I'm working on
in this season of my life.
It hasn't happened all at once.
I've still had days where I 
haven't done much,
but it is in the little
by little progress
that is slowly adding up
to filling my home and my life
with life-giving joy.

I've done a lot of studying
in scriptures and talks,
looking for words
and goodness to help
me in my journey of
cultivating joy.
You can read one of my
favorite talks here.
It basically takes
most of the things I've
learned in my studying 
and summarizes it into
an amazing talk
where I found some
key points
in finding and cultivating
joy in my life. 
Here are some of them:
-remember the nature and purpose of our lives is to have joy
-Jesus Christ is JOY!
-look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith
-give thanks
-keep covenants made
-nurture and guide our children
-nurture and encourage our spouse

There is even more golden
nuggets in this talk.
I highly suggest you read it!
One last quote that I love,
"Joy is powerful,
and focusing on joy
brings God's power
into our lives."
Oh how I would love
to have more of
God's power in my life!

Sometimes looking for the
joy in the trials and challenges
feels hard, but the truth is
that it's always there,
we just get to change our
perspective and see it!

*Just a little side note here. I've recently started 
working on something that brings me
joy, hand lettering! I'm excited to use
this new joy to share words with you.
Both here on the blog and on my
Instagram account.
Follow me at @uncoveringstrength
for more life-giving words!

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