Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 100 Day Project

A couple weeks ago,
my daughter L started
pulling herself up on things.
The first time she did it
(pictured above),
she stood there for a minute
and promptly fell down
giving herself a bruise 
on her forehead.
After comforting her,
she crawled off my lap
and went straight back
to the same spot
and started climbing again.

Being a mother has been
so many things,
but one of my favorite
things is all that she teaches me
about myself and God.
I hope I get to teach her
just as much as she's
teaching me!
When I kept watching her 
pull herself up and fall
over again and again,
I realized that I am doing
the same thing in my life.

Five years ago,
my life was changed 
by a path Heavenly Father
led me to start.
I learned so much
about myself and life.
I learned to love myself
and trust in God's plan for me.
It  was a huge milestone in
my personal development.
It was my first moment of
pulling myself up.
I was able to continue 
living my life this way
for a short amount of time,
but eventually fell down
into my old self.
It hurt because of
what I knew I could 
really do and be.

After letting myself 
feel the pain and 
finding comfort in 
the Lord's Grace,
I pulled myself back up again.
Just like L I keep falling,
but keep getting back up
again and again.

Since L was born I feel
like I fell long and hard
and have ended up in a place
that is deep and dark.
I've been trying to pull
myself up,
but I keep falling back down.

After having a huge breakdown on Sunday,
I've been thinking this week
that there is something I'm missing.
After contemplating it,
I've realized that I 
did miss something.
When L falls,
there is someone there to 
help her and comfort her.
I have this as well.
I have a Father 
who wants the best for me.
He wants me to learn and grow.
He doesn't leave me alone,
but instead is there to catch me
and to comfort me.
He's here to help me
heal and mend my heart.
The only way I can do it 
is through my Savior
and his Grace!

I'd like to share my journey
on this blog. 
It's going to be a huge
undertaking, but 
I'm not doing it alone.
I'm choosing to lean in
and allow my Father
to help me get stronger.

I need his strength
added to my strength,
so I can uncover myself
So I can uncover
the strength
I have with Him.

God put it on my heart
to share my journey,
and I've been stuck
lately not knowing
the words to use
to share.

Yesterday I came across
a project on Instagram that
a friend is doing.
It's called #the100dayproject.
It started yesterday,
but I'm going to start today.
It is a chance to start something you
will do everyday no matter what
and share it on Instagram.

My project will be #uncoveringstrength.
I'm going to be writing
daily on this blog,
sharing scriptures
and gratitude
and other things that
are on my heart.

Here I go!

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