Sunday, July 24, 2016

96/100 #11 Faith


I'm so grateful for the last year 
I've had with this sweet girl!

The Word

On my heart...

Today's post is similar 
to yesterday's post.
We can dream and have hope.
But the big thing we really
need is Faith!
Faith in his timing that
we may not get the
dream we want
when we would like it.
We may have to wait.
For a long time.
We may be tempted
to give up wanting it.
But if we can have faith
in God and His plan
for our life,
we will be blessed
with exactly what we need.

I waited and prayed
and hoped and had
faith that I would
someday be a wife
and mother.
A year ago today
I became a mother.

Then I got to experience
a new level of faith in God's
timing when L was in the NICU
for 16 days after she was born.
I didn't get to cuddle with my
baby in our hospital room.
I didn't get to take her home
when I went home.
She would just start getting
to where the doctors and nurses
would tell us that it would only
be a couple days and then
something else would go wrong.
It was definitely a test of
my patience and faith,
but we got through it.
She came home and
now a year later she's
healthy and energetic.
You would never know
she had a rough start to life.
We're truly blessed!

A month or so ago
I was contemplating the
above quote again and
realized that when I think
about it I tend to think
about God's timing
as a time of waiting
for me because
that is what I've
experienced the most.
However, it could also
be when things happen
more quickly than you
were thinking.
That can be just as
scary and emotional
as having to wait.

No mater which way
it goes--having to wait
or having it happen
I have faith in
God's timing with
things in my life,
I get the most growth
out of those experiences.
They become less of
a "trial" or "hardship"
and more of a
"learning experience."
And thinking of them
in that way helps
me uncover strength
I never knew
I had.

I love my life!
God is good!

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