Thursday, June 23, 2016

Made 65/100

Today I'm grateful for...

the chance I have to help others out
more now that I'm not working.
I got to watch my nieces
last night and today.
It was fun.

The Word

Psalm 119:73
"Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments."

Heavenly Father made me.
He made you.
He continues to make us.
As he puts us through the
refiner's fire.
Helping us grow.
Helping us learn.
Helping us become 
like He is.
He puts us through all
the hard and good
learning experiences to
help us learn the commandments.

On my heart...

L taking a look at my new beliefs.
I wrote them on post-it notes.
She found them very interesting.

The last couple of days
I have been watching the
livestream for the
Limitless Connection Intensive.
It's all about connecting
with ourselves and others.

One of the messages this morning
came in handy today when
I ran my niece to her swim lesson.
I happened to see a parent
of a former student
who did not like me.

Her student was a part
of my class from Hades
who taught me a lot
and made me want to
stop teaching at the same time.

She was talking to a dear friend
of mine, so I stopped and said
hello to both of them.
I was talking to my friend
and trying to include this
parent in the conversation,
but she barely said a thing.
Obviously there are lots of
reasons she might not
have had much to say,
but my mind was
going back to that year
and the things that had
happened between the two of us.

Then I remembered something
that I had heard from Limitless
this morning.
It was that some people
like me and that's great.
And some people don't like me,
and that is great too.

I realized that it's okay
if she still didn't like me.
I still get to work on letting
go and forgiving the things
that happened between us too.
I'm glad I saw her and remembered
 this great lesson.

I love my life!

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