Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prayer 43/100

Today I'm grateful for...

The swamp cooler is running
thanks to MHG!
It's been getting hot here,
and I don't feel good when 
I get too hot.
I'm grateful that we have
one in our house!

The Word...

Prayer, Bible Dictionary pg. 752
"The object of prayer secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them."

Sometimes we just need to ask.
Is there something you've
been waiting for,
but haven't asked
Heavenly Father for?

Sometimes when I want something
I feel like it's selfish to want it,
so I don't pray for it.
But what if God wants to give
it to us and is just waiting
for us to ask Him?

On my heart...

I was hoping to have
my June goals and plans
to share today, 
but I didn't get much 
finished today.
I've been doing a lot
of praying,
asking for help as
I plan my month.
I'm still listening
waiting for God to
help me make good choices
in my activities and projects.
In my little quiet moments.

I'm taking time
to really plan my June.
I want to get myself
moving towards my goals.
Next week is the beginning 
of my new season
as a full time mom.
I'm excited to spend more
time with L and to
get us into some new

I'm also excited not to 
have to stress out about 
report cards, students' progress
and babysitters anymore.
Thank you to the amazing
people that have helped 
out this year!

I'm ready for this new season!
I'm excited to find a new normal.
I'm excited for the adventures
coming my way and
the challenges that will
help me continue to grow!
I love my life!

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