Friday, June 17, 2016

Wounded Hearts and Writing 59/100

Today I'm grateful for...

nap time
Next week, I'm going to 
work on getting us back on
a schedule for naps.
And hopefully
get L to do naps in the crib.

The Word

Jacob 2:8
"And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul."

I love that.
The word of God 
heals the wounded soul.
The scriptures are so 
full of comfort.
I know when I'm hurting
the best source of peace
and strength I have
is the word of God.

Satan often gets to me
when I'm feeling that way.
He tries to convince me that
watching Netflix or a movie
instead of opening my scriptures
will help me feel better,
but those things don't last.
The word of God lasts.
It heals the wounded soul!

On my heart...

Today I've been thinking a lot about
the times when I've been almost finished
with something and then felt like
it should go a different way.
That I should do something different.

An online friend of mine has been writing
a book for the last six months,
and this weekend she realized
that she needed to start over.
At first she was devastated.
She had put so much work into
the book she had been writing.
She had written it through with
a lot going on in her life.
She had a baby and then a few
months later adopted another baby.
But she realized that Heavenly Father
 needed her to share a different message.
Her situation got me thinking
that maybe I needed to write a different
message than I had been writing 
for my book.

When I finished writing my first draft,
something felt off about it
and I never could figure out what
it was that was missing.
I tried working on it again,
but it still didn't feel quite right.
It's been in the back of my mind the last
almost two years, simmering.

Maybe there is some other message
Heavenly Father needs me to write
about to help someone?
I'm going to try to spend some
time thinking and praying about 
it this coming week.
Maybe it's time for me to figure it out?

This whole thing makes me think about
why Heavenly Father would tell
us to write about something
and then later be like
"Good job! Now start over!"

It's all about learning my friends!
I learned a lot while writing
my book.
About myself.
About my testimony.
About the importance of
my personal journey.
It was worth every word!

My book was me,
writing about my experiences
with the word of God
and the path He led me on
to live in my greatness.
Writing about it
helped to heal a part
of my heart
that was wounded.
The part of my heart
that believed that I didn't
have any important
experiences in my life
that would make a difference
to anyone else.
I realized in writing
that I have had some amazing
experiences that have taught
me some valuable lessons
that could help others.
It was an amazing experience!

I love my life!

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