Thursday, June 2, 2016

Walk in Love 44/100


Today I am grateful for field day.
It made my last day a cinch!

The Word...

Ephesians 5:2
"And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour."

Walk in love.
I love that.
I want to walk in love
and become more like the Savior.
Sometimes I feel like I don't
have much love in me.
As I lose patience with someone.
As I lay around instead of
finding someone to serve.
Obviously I'm not perfect, 
but this is something I'd
like to work on.
Walking in love.
Walking is moving
and doing and acting.
And do it in love.
See others as He 
sees them.
See myself as He
sees me.
Love others in my 
imperfect ways.
Love myself in my imperfectness.
Become like He is.

(Insert random picture that has nothing to
do with this post. It's just cute. L decided
to have a wrestling match with her elephant
the other day. She is so full of love and
laughter!  I'm so thankful for her!)

On my heart...

My job has been one of the
areas of my life that I
fell that I have learned
to walk in love.
I'm not perfect at it,
but being a teacher has
been one of the ways
I've learned to love better.

Today was my last day at work.
It was field day so I didn't have to do much.
Part of me is sad to be leaving.
Another part of me is excited for the 
adventures ahead for me.
Another part of me is nervous
for this new season of my life.
It feels weird.

I'm so exhausted right now
I know there was something
I was thinking of writing about
tonight, but I can't remember 
what it was:0)

I'm so thankful for the time I
had to be a teacher.
I've learned so much from
all of my students.
I've taught and loved 
hundreds of kiddos
since graduating from high school
fifteen years ago.
I fought being a teacher
for a very long time.
And then I got a little flyer
in the mail from the International
Language Program that changed my life.
It took me a long time to save up the
money to go, but I did it.
I went to China.
I taught many children
to speak English.
It is one of the hardest things
I have ever done,
but also one of the most
rewarding things I've ever done.
After I got home,
I still fought being a teacher, 
but the more I prayed and 
tried to figure out what
Heavenly Father might
want me to do with my life.
The more I realized that the
answer was to be a teacher.
It took me 7 years
(minus the semester in China)
to complete my degree.
A dual degree in 
Elementary Education
and Early Childhood education.
My work at summer kids programs
and before and after school programs
prepared me in a special way
to excel in my studies.
Things came a lot easier for 
me than for many of my fellow students.
I graduated, found a job quickly
and began my life as a teacher.

That first year.
Oh that first year!
It was an amazing learning
It was a test in my abilities,
but I succeeded.
I spent way too much
time doing all sorts of 
cutesy stuff in my room.
I was at work until all hours.
Preparing and reflecting.
I learned.
I learned that it takes
true patience to be 
the kind of teacher
many students need.
I learned that I do not
like teaching first grade.

Then I got moved to third grade
for a while.
My first class was difficult,
but it prepared me for 
a class I would have four years later.
A class that would test my
commitment to being a teacher.
I had two angelic classes between
these two difficult classes.
To this day, I still think of 
them and smile.
They were with me at the
beginning of  my journey 
in shifting my body and mind
to create my best life.
I learned that I had an
even bigger impact on them 
than I thought.
I tried to teach them to believe
in themselves no matter what.
I got an email from one parent
thanking me for all I did to teach
her daughter to believe in herself.
She had come to me telling her
mom all the time that she was dumb.
But while she was in my class,
her attitude changed and she
began to believe she was brilliant.
She went from having a hard time
learning to being able to keep
trying and in turn learning more easily.
I could go on and on about it all.
Eight years is bound to be full
of so much I could tell you.

This last years has been a challenging year, 
but for different reasons than before.
I have had a fairly well behaved class.
I've had to learn to adapt to a new school's ways.
Even when they didn't make sense to me.
Syracuse will always be my home, but
I've enjoyed everything I've learned at
Bluff Ridge, and all the new friends I've made.

Congratulations on getting this far
in my very long post!

I love my life!
I love my career and
am thankful for all I've learned
through it that has helped
me to be a better person.

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