Friday, June 3, 2016

My Savior 45/100

Today I am grateful for...

...the pretty amazing online friends I have.
Some of them I've never actually met before,
but they are a huge influence on me
through their faith and dedication.

The Word...

Today I was thinking about strength
and how I can uncover it.
The truth is that I can't do it alone.
I need my Savior to help me.
He heals my broken heart
frequently and binds up my wounds.
He knows me personally and 
loves me unconditionally.

As I've been struggling with
depression on and off in my life,
it has only been through turning
to my Redeemer that I have been
able to endure it and work towards
finding my way out.
He helps me again and again.
Reassuring me.
Sending special angels
to help me move on my path.
I'm so thankful to Him for all 
He has done, is doing, and 
will do in the future.
I would be lost without Him.

On my heart...

I've been working some more
on my summer goals, and I'm 
almost ready to share.
I'm hoping to find time
this weekend to get them
solidified and down on paper.
I'm super excited for the summer!

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