Friday, June 24, 2016

With God 66/100


I'm so grateful for the library.
In my effort to save some money
and some room in our house,
I've downsized my personal library.
Now I try to find books at the library
when I want to read them.
The best part is I can find them online,
get them delivered to the library down
the street, and pick them up in a quick minute.
It's awesome!

The Word

Rosemary M. Wixom
"As individuals we are strong.
Together, with God, we are Unstoppable."

I love this so much!
I am strong by myself,
but with God I am unstoppable.
I've had the opportunity to learn this
over. And over. And over again.
Sometimes I forget
and try to do things myself, but 
it never turns out the way I want.
When I remember and include God
in my choices and ask for His help,
Things work out better than I ever imagined.
I can also do so much more than
I ever imagined!

On my heart...

Have I ever told you how much I love this girl?
Lately she has been hard.
Very whiny and clingy.
And not sleeping through the night anymore.
But I wouldn't trade any of those things
for anything.

She has given me one of my hardest, best jobs.
Being L's mommy.
She's almost one whole year old.

Every time I look at her
I remember what a miracle 
she is for me.
I used to ache to be a mom.
It used to be this impossible dream,
but now I'm living it.
I keep reminding myself to
love every minute.
She's not going to be little forever.
She's going to grow.
Before I know it she'll be going off 
to college and starting a life of her own.
I'm excited to see the amazing woman 
she'll become,
but I'm not in any hurry.

For now I enjoy (almost) every 
moment with her.
And in those moments where
I'm tired or frustrated.
I'll keep reminding myself
that I'm living my dream.

Heavenly Father entrusted me
with her to love her and
to teach her of Him
and His Son.

When I try to do this
mothering thing alone,
it doesn't go so well,
but if I include
God it becomes
one of the most amazing 
experiences of my life!

I'm not alone.
L has an amazing
earthly father
and a Heavenly Father
who both love her so much.

I love my life!
God is good!

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